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My name is Charles and I love meeting talented people and building useful things with them. Being a native speaker in English and Chinese, I have mainly worked in the US and China.  I have a BA from Dartmouth College and have been leading product development on large scale consumer facing mobile apps for the last five years in both a corporate and start up setting.  Apps created by my team and I have been featured by Apple and have won multiple user experience awards.  

Last couple of years,  I started a company in Shanghai with some friends called YanYe. We were funded by Sinovation Ventures and I ran the product team and got to create some award winning language-learning applications with them.  

This site features some of the products in which I headed the effort in designing and building. For each product, I jotted down some of the key motivations and considerations we had behind our work. 

To me, focus and honesty is the most important thing in product design. Focus and honesty in the problem we are solving, focus and honesty in the solution we are proposing and focus and honesty in critiquing our own work. If you are looking through this collection and want to reach out, please feel free to drop me an email.