Chinese Learning App


Product Lead: Yours truly / UI-UX Design: Yours truly /Product Assistant: Xiaoxi / Dev: Shaolie L

Amanda was built as a response to current Chinese learning apps on the market, most of them being stiff mobile versions of textbooks. We wondered if we could make the process less tedious and more organic. Most people do not learn a language for the sake of it, they are driven by something more: cultural curiosity. By using cultural curiosity as the motivator and creating educational value out of cultural content, we discovered that we could craft the learning experience to be more meaningful and enjoyable. For this application, we created an editorial team that scoured the Chinese web for trending social content and rewrote them in simpler Chinese.  We served eight of these stories a day along with complementary English translations to enrich the learning journey of our users and provide them with a window into the world of Chinese culture.


Browsing experience
We decided to emphasize the importance of today and create a feeling that the current day's content is fresh and ephemeral. This led to the core interaction on the home screen to become the horizontal swipe navigating between different days. The stories were displayed in a waterfall style underneath each day.

Learning experience
Once the user is in the article, we wanted to make sure learning happens immediately. We knew the users would most likely cheat by reading the English version of the story first, so we mixed important Chinese characters right into the English text to making learning unavoidable. It was also important to us to leave a space in the view to display word definitions. Users could tap on any word in the story and see their definitions without the distraction of animation or scene pushes.