Postcard App



Project Lead: Yours truly / UX Design: Yours truly, Cindy T / UI Design: Cindy T / Dev: Vincent L, Zirui Z

The proverbial tragedy of travel photographs rotting away on our phones is very real.  We created something that could add a bit of purpose to these photos, while keeping workflow shorter and simpler. This led us to move from an overcomplicated curating/editing space and towards a simpler method of sending personal postcards. 


A lot of thought was put into minimizing the steps to process a photo. One major interaction we really wanted to get right was photo import.  Traditionally, the first view for the user has two buttons, one for the camera and the other for the camera roll.  Since we knew that the majority of users would select a photo from their camera roll, we decided to get rid of the unnecessary decision gate. At first we thought we could just open the app in the user's camera roll, but we decided that it would be very disorientating. The design we implemented split the view in two, the top portion would be the working canvas, and the bottom portion would be a tool that morphed along with workflow. First time users would open the application to find an empty canvas, some helpful hints and their camera roll right beneath it.